Questions and answers
You ask, we answer:

Why did we develop StudioForRent?
We found that there is no photo studio in Sofia that is opened to everybody, who wants or needs to shoot with photo lighting, but still doesn't have place or equipment to do that. We understood that not every professionals with own studio have enough room or high, or equipment for different kinds of photo sessions.
We've talked to students, who have tasks to shoot in a studio but fit hard in the schedule of the university's one or the university doesn't have such one.
We've met also amateurs, who want to try or to dive to the magic of painting with light, without the necessity of investing hundreds or thousands of leva for equipment
And so, StudioForRent is developed and equipped for rent to everybody, who wants to shoot!

Who can rent StudioForRent?
Everybody, who wants or needs to shoot in studio! Amateurs or professionals!
Everybody, who wants to be shot professionally in studio- with photographer, maker-up, hairdresser, stylist and so on.

How to rent StudioForRent?
With reservation of date and time and deposit for 1 hour of the time of shooting.
You can reserve photo session by phone, e-mail, skype.
The reservation is confirmed if you deposit not later than 24 hours after your call.
NB: !!!

When does StudioForRent?
Standard StudioForRent is opened to you from 9.00 to 19.00!
Also all day and night long with reservation and deposit of the agreed price.

Which size has StudioForRent?
5м х 6м х 4м
Middle gray walls
White ceiling.

What kind of equipment is there in StudioForRent?
There is enough equipment with different power's values and big variety of light makers and accessories
If you want to make photo session with specific or special requirements to the lighting, you can call to discus them together.

You can rent lighting and accessories that could widen the possibilities of the standard set of equipment.

What kind of equipment is in the standard set?
5 pieces studio flashes:
- 3p. digital flashes (2x 500W/s + 1x600W/s) with 3p. softboxes (50x130cm, 75x75cm, 90x90cm)
- 2p. background flashes (2x 220W/s) and 2p. softboxes- 40x60cm;
4p. stands, 1p. balance boom; radio slave, distance controller for the flash; background system for 6 backgrounds; 1p. fabric reflector 5in1 with stand; available paper backgrounds now: Super White, Black, Pursuit Gray.

Which are the advantages of the subscription for the studio's rent?
Better prices of the rent.
Confidence that the reserved session will be held on the reserved day and hour whether the session is during the day or the night.
Use of the all equipment and accessories without extra payment.
Preparation in advance of the equipment and organizing the studio to start your sessions always on time.

Could a session's date be changed or denied?
Yes, if you make this not later than 1 week before the fixed date and hour. Than you receive back 100% of the payment, you have made.
We don't want to trouble you. We just ask to be exact and straight. So every photographer, who has rented the studio, could reach his/her aims and won't be troubled by his/her work.